Unisex pieces of jewellery, with a strong identity and unique story-telling soul, in which every charm, symbol and letter holds a special meaning or a message of love, luck, friendship and freedom. Crafted by the expert hands of our artisans, and enhanced by an unconventional, playful and often ironic spirit, Dodo jewellery achieved immediate popularity, first triggered by the humorous and symbolic “talking charms”: the quintessence of the emotional and sentimental value that gives life to every Dodo piece. 

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Starfish bracelet kit

Bracelet kit with silver beads, two 9 kt rose gold beads, 15 black diamonds + 4 rose gold starfish charms with amethysts, sapphires, brown diamonds and tsavorites.

Four-leaf clover and ruby cuff bracelet

Silver cuff bracelet with nugget and band in 9 kt rose gold and black diamonds, beads in silver and 9 kg rose gold + four-leaf clover charm in rose gold with synthetic ruby.

Butterfly and diamond bracelet kit

Silver bracelet kit with 9 kt rose gold nugget and brown diamonds, beads and bands in 9 kt rose gold, with butterfly charm in 9 kt rose gold and brown diamonds.

Choker kit with tree, cherry and peace symbol charms

Choker kit with silver beads, with 9 kt rose gold cherry, tree and peace symbol charms, with alternating 9 kt rose gold beads.

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